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Video Ads Script
This template will give you a guide to crafting the best possible video ad script for virtually any product you are promoting. Make sure to check out his Video Ads Crash Course and the live training webinar to fully understand how to leverage this.
Local Edition
In this part of the bonus training you'll learn how to sell Adwords for video as a high ticket service. I'll break down what to do, how to price it and then what you need to do in order to deliver the service. This is a GREAT way to generate extra profit from this training by helping local businesses get their ads up and running.
Producers Playbook
You'll craft powerful and engaging video scripts that draw the viewer in and ultimately get them to take action. Poorly produced videos still get views, but engagement is the real goal you don't want to miss.
Join the Mastermind
Make sure you head over and jump in the mastermind group of like minded video marketers. Feel free to introduce yourself, say hello and share any projects you're working on. We're here to help!
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